19th July 2020

Harrogate MG Show, Kop Hill Climb and the MGCC Silverstone weekend have been cancelled. After some consideration the Register committee have reluctantly cancelled the Norwich weekend, as it would not have been possible to meet at John Shorten's or for our usual Saturday evening dinner. As it stands there will not be any UK Magnette events this year, but we'll be following any changes in guidance that might be announced, and looking forward to a more normal programme of events in 2021

31st May 2020

Although there are unlikely to be any UK Magnette Register events before September, the 24th International Magnette Day is still scheduled to take place in the Saltzburg area - more information here. Also Kop Hill Climb is taking entries for club displays (including the Magnette Register) and those hoping to run the hill, with a money back guarantee if cancelled

26th April 2020

Magnette enthusiasts worldwide are invited to participate in a Zoom video conference on Saturday 2nd May, 4pm London time, 11am New York. Arranged by Brian McCullough, the session will include technical talks on exhausts, soundproofing and seat belts, along with home garage 'tours' and opportunity to participate and share your own experience. 

Please contact us for login details if you'd like to join the conference and haven't already received information through the Register mailing list or other channels (to ensure that only genuine enthusiasts are taking part, the login should not be posted publicly)

25th April 2020

Normally UK Magnette owners would be encouraged to take their cars out on 26th April and join other classic enthusiasts for national 'Drive it Day'. This year of course we must all avoid non-essential journeys and stay at home, so the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) is asking instead that you post photo memories of previous drive-it days either on social media (#DriveitDayMemories) or on their website driveitday.co.uk

5th April 2020

The Y Register Spring Run 9/10th May (open to Magnette owners) has been cancelled, although we hope to reschedule the Rousham Hall visit for later in the year. The MG Car Club MGLive! weekend in June has been postponed

19th March 2020

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the planned Somerset weekend (18/19 April) has been postponed, and it's likely that other events will also be postponed or cancelled. Please check with the organizers or on this website before travelling to any event

The MG Car Club has issued guidance for members, Registers and Regions which can be found here

23rd February 2020

The events calendar has been updated. There are more details of the first 2020 event for UK enthusiasts, a tour of Somerset including Glastonbury and the Haynes Motor Museum