23rd April 2014

Magnettes & Steam, the first UK event of the 2014 season, took place on 19th April. Read a report by Peter Martin

1st April 2014

There are three new MAGNETTEs on the Gallery. Please welcome
#23256 Margie Rowley
#27948 Michael Mitchell
#27298 Barry Milsom

on our gallery...



30th March 2014

Happy 40th birthday to the Magnette Register

The Z Magnette Register was officially established on 10 March 1974, when it changed from being a sub-group of the MGA Register.  This anniversary hasn't been publicized before because the exact date wasn't actually known for certain, but Register historian Peter Martin has now provided the copy seen here of 'Thirty-Six Thousand' issue No. 1 which absolutely confirms it. The title referred to the total production numbers of Z Magnettes, which was later revised to a higher figure.

The two-page newsletter can be downloaded here. Apart from introducing himself and other members of the new Register Committee, Hon. Secretary Andrew McMeekin invited subscriptions for future issues of the newsletter, at 50 pence per year (for four issues).

As we already have a full calendar of UK events planned for 2014, the committee have decided that the Somerset weekend (12-13 July) will also be our 40th anniversary celebration. It's hoped that some of the original Register members will be present, and that more of the early history can be made available.

Stephen Tickell

26th March 2014

While we still have no events in Europe, our enthusiatic MAGNETTE friend Luis Benito is enjoying his MAGNETTE in true dry conditions with no chance for rust. Read his report 2014_03_2nd Caravan Antique Car.

And the register has finalised the yearly flyer with all dates 2014 and some useful information to print and have in the car.

18th March 2014

In case you have not yet come across this Magnette in the movies and possibly use it as a monthly picture. In the movie musical “Sweet Charity”, starring Shirley McLane as Charity Hope Valentine, she and a potential hopeful attend a gathering of the Rhythm of life Church. It is held in a basement parking garage / repair shop. After the gathering was raided by police and most everyone is gone, at the end of the scene the two leave the garage running past the parked Magnette. Except for the Magnette of course, while OK, I cannot say the rest of movie was quite as memorable.

Just searched on Magnettes in TV shows, thinking of the recent UK series which was run on our public broadcast station “Call the Midwife” where an MG Magnette driven by a doctor made regular appearances. What I ended up coming across was the Internet Movie Car Data Base (IMCDB) which has all kinds of excellent references of Magnettes appearing in movies and TV shows (Sweet Charity didn’t appear to show up however). See here...

Regards, Ed Brorein, New Jersey, USA


17th March 2014

Hello, here am I again! Sorry for the delay in updating this website, but apart from working on another MG-website, I had to set up a new PC-system as my old system was very very old and crashed from time to time. You all know how long it takes, until the new PC looks like your old one, and you have all access and passwords back.

Anyway: we start with a report from Mexico, where our friend Luis Benito does a lot publicity for MG in general and Magnettes in special. Read 2014_03_news_from_LaPaz.

15th March 2014

Colin Goldsworthy has written a very detailed article on repairing the interior clock, which can be found on the technical support website.

Very few cars have an original clock in working condition, and although some owners choose to replace the internals with modern electronics, Colin shows how the electro-mechanical movement can be brought back to life, with patience and a few simple tools. Based on his experience of owning several Magnettes and Wolseleys, the article explains how the clock works, how to take it apart, and common faults.

Stephen Tickell