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Magnettes in Mexico

Hello MG's Enthusiasts Friends ! 
It is a pleasure to report that on Sunday November 2 we conducted a 5th Caravan Old Cars, following a new route: "La Paz- San Juan de Los Planes - San Antonio - El Triunfo - La Paz". This trip was a challenge for our cars, for taking this exit to the east of the city of La Paz, we had to climb the path attached to the mountain "Sierra de Las Cruces", where upon reaching a maximum elevation of over 1,200 meters above the sea level, past the beautiful view of the Bay of La Paz, to gradually distinguish the distance:


  • Church San Antonio
  • La Ventana bay and Cerralvo Island
  • On the road La Paz to San Juan de Los Planes
  • in the background view of the Los Planes valley
  • our cars front Cafe El Triunfo
  • stopover San Juan de Los Planes to San Antonio
  • the group enjoying a meal
  • the group visiting the house for sale

The small valley of San Juan de Los Planes, which offers visitors a spectacular view of the Bay of La Ventana and Isla Cerralvo, can not fail to mention that in the vicinity of agricultural and livestock population Plans, are diverse riparian communities as sergeant and La Ventana, where visitors can enjoy beautiful beaches and hire local service to practice various sports and recreational activities; as fishing, snorklin, diving, windsurfing, hunting, etc.

Following our tour, we took the local road that took us through an ascending path Plans San Antonio, another town full of history:

This beautiful mining town is located 59 km. south of La Paz, just 7 km. El Triunfo.
Nestled in the foothills of the mountain "Sierra de la Laguna", The "Real de San Antonio" dating from the eighteenth century, was said to Gaspar Piso who founded it in 1756. In 1878, the government of General Porfirio Diaz I give the American company Mining Progress Co., the grant that allowed the extraction and sale of ore was located in the hills surrounding the two communities, these entrepreneurs brought Chinese and Yaquis hand to work the other ras prosperous mines these indigenous populations near work. By early 1900, San Antonio had an approximate population of 10,000, had electricity, water, telephone communication with El Triunfo and La Paz. With the Mexican Revolution and the First World War, the decline came to this community. Currently, San Antonio is a peaceful and picturesque village which houses important buildings, witnesses of its mining history, such as the Church of San Antonio, the Pantheon City, the Cultural Center and the Old Mint speaking of the historic center. In the surrounding hills and the village offers even streams where they are located, various mines and ranches benefit, framed by lush vegetation, which can be accessed by car or mountain bike.
A curiosity that keep the walls of this old mining town, San Antonio, is the story (unconfirmed) that here the picture for the cover of the album "These Days" by Bon Jovi was taken.

And we continue to reach our destination, the old mining town called "El Triunfo" (discussed in previous reports), then drive our cars in front of the famous Café El Triunfo. As before, the small but enthusiastic caravan of classic and antique cars (Victor Granados.- Ford Mustang 1965, Arturo Sotelo.- MGB 1979; Benito Ruiz.- MG Magnette 1959), aroused great interest from both local people and tourists constantly coming to town, several stopped to see the cars up close and take pictures in the meantime, the group of owners and guests enjoyed a meal at Cafe El Triunfo, whose rustic cuisine offers many dishes with flair and seasoning firewood to be prepared.
After the meal, our friend Juan Pirotta, invited the whole group to visit their properties in the village, one of which is for sale. We spent a very pleasant afternoon excellent coexistence, until it was night and we were forced to start back to La Paz, leaving us with the desire to repeat such a pleasant experience.

We hope that these activities will continue to enrich the participation of more enthusiasts and owners of Old Cars!

We send warm greetings to the MG's Enthusiasts Friends, from these distant and desert, but very beautiful Mexican soil.
Luis Benito