A review with pictures and reports of past Magnette events from all over the world

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Z Magnette Day 2002

The last weekend in June saw a number of Z-Magnettes coming from all directions of Europe again. No less than 16 Magnettes from six different countries (Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, UK)  followed Henk Kroese's invitation to the southernmost point of the Netherlands, where the borders of Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands meet.

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Magnettes & Steam 2002

The regular Easter Saturday season - opener. At Highley Station on the Severn Valley Railway. Near Kidderminster and Bridgenorth (B4555).  One of the longest and most picturesque lines in the country, closely following the river for more than 15 miles. 
We had a marvellous turnout with 35 Magnettes and joined by Y's T's B's and even a new ZT bringing total number of cars to 53.

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Norwich 2001

On August 19th Lou Shorten organised her annual event in Norwich on the Royal Norfolk Showground. After her big success last year with 54 Magnettes everybody was wondering whether she could top it - she did !

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Silverstone 2001

Silvertone 2001 will be in our memory as one of the hottest Silvestone MG-events during the last 50 years.

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5th German Z-Magnette-Day

This year's Magnette-Day in Germany had a good turnout with 11 Z-Magnettes but only one Y-type. We had three cars from Denmark, three from England, two from Luxenbourg and four from Germany.

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Impressions of the Norwich event 2000 by Mark Bunce