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ZB Factory styling model

In December 2017, quite unexpectedly, a 1/4 scale ZB ‘styling’ model appeared in Bonhams auction catalogue (although wrongly described there as a ZA model from 1953). Particular thanks are due to Peter Cadman who saw the catalogue and alerted the Register. Paul Batho then investigated to establish its provenance, and MGCC management quickly agreed that the Club should try to acquire the model for the club archives. Finally board member Dave Saunders was able to successfully bid for it at Bonhams on 6 December

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Restoration of early Magnette 528

Paul Dalkov in Denmark has recently completed the restoration of a very early ZA, which may be the second-oldest still existing. With chassis no. 528, it was originally exhibited at the Copenhagen Motor Show, and was offered for sale a few years ago, in need of considerable work. Paul bought it and embarked on a careful restoration project, keeping the many detail differences which distinguish this car from later production - he has had several other Magnettes so is very familiar with their construction. As might be expected it has no front quarterlights, but there are many other interesting points:

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New Silk Road Rallye Hamburg - Shanghai 2015

In autumn 2015 a MAGNETTE took part in a journey from France to Shanghai. Here's the story of two brave Frenchman and their ZB MAGNETTE:

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Farewell to Lou Shorten

The funeral of Lou Shorten took place on Monday 11th May, starting with an assembly of Magnettes at the home of Lou and John in Lenwade. The 12 or so cars formed into a procession behind the hearse and Lou’s family in her beloved YPG 136 (driven by Peter Martin) for the journey of about 10 miles to the crematorium near Norwich, where many others had already gathered.

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Lou Shorten, 1927-2015

Register President Lou Shorten passed away on Friday 3rd April, after devoting much of her life to keeping MG Z Magnettes on the road through the 'MG Specialists' business that she established in 1964 and ran with her husband John, providing spare parts, panels and restoration services to customers around the world.
As a young but independently-minded farmer's wife, it was almost by accident that she bought a Magnette after seeing it on a garage forecourt, although as a woman she had to have her husband guarantee the hire-purchase payments ! YPG136 was to be a life-long treasured possession.
In the 1960s Lou was involved in establishing an East Anglian Magnette group, one of several local groups that eventually led to the formation of the Magnette Register in 1974. In recognition of her contribution over many years, the Register appointed her President in 2001, following the death of Dixon Morris. For nearly 20 years Lou and John hosted an annual open day at their home in Lenwade, Norwich, and Lou was always ready to receive Magnette owners visiting Lenwade in search of parts or advice about their cars.
Here's some stills from Lou's appearance on 'The 1952 Show' with Len Goodman, in 2012 on youtube -
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