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A Magnette Tour Around Seattle, Washington, USA

I attended one of our club’s car shows in Port Angeles and on the way home, I was thinking about the Magnette website so I put the camera to work:

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MG Magnette Steering Wheel Centerpiece Motif Production

– by Chuck Reece

My MG Brother, Phil White and I, both have 1958 ZBV’s and our steering wheel centerpiece motifs were cracked and broken. No NOS parts exist, so Phil started exploring the possibility of making new parts.

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Trial to the Nile

Three deserts, 10 countries and three continents! Sounds quite difficult especially when you do it in an old car. Nevertheless there are enough people willing to do this. Amoung them are Warren Marsh (Driver) and David Johnson (Navigator) (both members of the Register committee) in their ZA Magnette KCF 51. 

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DIXON MORRIS – 1912-2001

In the spring of 1956 a 43 year old insurance executive from London took delivery of a brand new M.G. Magnette ZA.  Nothing special in that, one might say - it was the BMW of its day, and the car to which countless professionals aspired. But Dixon Morris had set his heart on a Magnette from the moment it was announced at the 1953 Motor Show and such was his delight with the car he bought that he kept it for the rest of his life.