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KA E 33 6175
The car has always been danish since 1955 when it was built. It has run 117.000 kilometres from new. First reg. 27 April 1955 We use the car in daily use in the spring, summer and autumn. The registration numberstill is the original from the first day. Gert Jakobsen, Denmark,www.bordercollies.dk


USA KA D 43 14464
Was on ebay in July 2002. It was then located in Washington, Missouri. .Last owner had this car for 40 years. Was adopted by George Phelps and is now being restored in Arlington, VA. Now in the hands of Glenn Johnson, Brooks, Fayette, Ga


KA TE 33 21933 
Kjeld and Elin Haugaard from Denmark owned this nice green/black Varitone .After he restored the car in 1998 the car won the Danish MG.Club Pride of Ownership 2000 and also the" Ray Cain Thropy" in 2001 (annual European Z-Magnette-Day). The car was first registerd on 12.04.57 and was only for use in the summer. Sold then...



KA C 23 28463
The car was purchased by the J&T Gunn family (which later became Gunns of pulp mill fame) all the family cars were painted in the company corporate colour as this car is. The car is still owned by this family.


wedding magnette 1

Last year in August my Magnette was used as a wedding car for the wedding of Judith's nephew and his wife. It was the first time the Magnette was in wedding dress (as far as I know). The wedding was in the Dutch "polder" Flevoland. The Magnette is even older than the city were the young couple married. During the day there was a problem with the head gasket of the Magnette. The car was pulling very badly and made a lot of noise. The wedding couple and all the guests thought that this was quite normal for an old car ;-).
At the end of the day the Magnette brought us home and a few weeks later I replaced the head gasket. Now the car is running again as it used to do. So, end good, all good!


KA J 14 1641
Owner Mr David Viant fromCornwall, UK


KA A 13 6423
Police car black/maroon prop. scrapped
picture taken from M.G.'s on patrol by Andrea Green, photo: Laurence McNally


KA C 33 14647



KA PA 21959
First registered 12-04-1957.The car belongs to  Chris Neyrinck, Belgium. She is under restauration, and there is a lot of work to do.


KA LL 13 28597
My newly restored 58 Varitone - at last. In wedding service, summer of 2008. All totally original - no modifications. All parts from The Shortens apart from steel wings from NTG in 1994.
Dan Docwra, Edinburgh


Reg. KAS 747


Here are some pictures of my Magnette in its role as a wedding. The married couple are old friends of mine and when they had the choice between te Magnette and the Wolseley 16/60 they choose the Magnette. They specially liked the shape and besides that the colour matched better with the colour of the dress of the bride.
They are both quite long, but had sufficient room for their legs. And even the photographer who is about 2.03 meter, had legroom enough on the front seat. Great wedding car, this Magnette.
Hans Lubberding, NL


Norway  KA A 33 1663
Per Sæter's ZA with original licence plates from Trondheim.


Netherlands KA A 33 6443
This ZA has only done 70,000 km so far (about 50,000 mls). It's an original LHD Dutch car and has had only 3 owners from new : It now belongs sine many years to Hans and Monique Evers, who only use her rarely. It still has the original tin-top dash and all the papaers are still with the car.


Unites States of America KA B 43 14688
I bought it three years ago in boxes - two previous owners had disassembled it and done some body work and applied an incorrect Varitone paint scheme. I assembled enough to get it operational and rebuilt the brakes and converted it with the help of the Hints and Tips section to negative ground and an alternator. I have to build a complete interior for it and I want to add a Hi-Gear 5 speed kit. My son and I are having a lot of fun with it now.

Since I registered my Magnette, I have completed building the 3-Main 1800 with a Derrington pattern cross-flow head and instlled the Hi-Gear Ford T9 transmission with an MGB 3.91 differential and added disk brakes. Recently, I was able to attend MG2016 at Louisville, KY US and park my Magnette in a group of 14 other Mangettes 

John D Perkins


KA H 6 21974
This is a '57 ZB used only for Sunday trips. It's a LHD painted in Moorland Green, with wire wheels, MGB engine and overdrive. Mr. Eddy Lepez is the fourth owner and lives near Brugge, Belgium.
(The letter H in the chassis no. indicates this car as a C.K.D. Finish = completely knocked down. These were assembled on their destination).


KA BJ 13 28600
Was for sale on the internet in Dezmeber 2007: Much money invested but probably not concours condition.


    Where does this no. plate come from? Which country is it? She also has club badges on the grille.

Who knows more about the whereabouts or it's chassis number? Please contact the webmaster!


Carsten Wivel from Denmark acted as a driver in his Magnette for his wife's girlfriend


KA J 33 1701
Carsten Wivel from Denmark owns this car more than 30 years and gave her several improvements: MGB engine, disc brakes, wire wheels, overdrive, 3.9 diff and much more!


Austria KA C 23 6456
Maroon homemarket RHD ZA. Was brought to Germany, where she went through several hands. Now sold to Thomas Nebauer in Austria.


uk KA B 13 14714
Paul Batho owns his Magnette since the seventies and has done many trips with her. The picture shows his car with Celia Palmer, daughter of Gerald Palmer, who designed the Magnette, in front of her fathers house, which he also designed.


A J 3 22005
The Cornish Magnette Hunter Gobby from Cornwall found this Magnette for sale at a classic car dealer down in the darkest depths of west Cornwall. It looked complete but not sure as there were so many bits inside the car and the boot.


KA BU 33 28601
Was for sale on the Inter-Classica in Maastricht, NL.


This is the first Magnette we know to excist in Argentina. She was restored from 1990 to 2013 and is now back on the road. There is no ID plate, so we don't know the chassis no. bt it is said that it is a '55 car. Belongs to Edison Ulises Tato


Sadly this was the last wedding she did prior to an accident last year. She will return!
Clive Shelley


KA C 13 1739
Found in barn and going to restore it, looking into its history, and will show progress when we start it on our web site @ www.mikerolls4mgs.co.uk


'From chassis # 6501 the 'Tintop' dash was replaced by wood


germany KA D 13 14758
Steel blue ZA with white roof. Looked much better than duotone sprayed none-Varitones! Scrapped by webmaster during winter 98/99.
During dismantling I found out that it wasn't too bad and was worth a reatoration. But too late...


KA BJ 13 22026
This car was originally shown in the register in 2005 when, in an apparently semi restored state, it was advertised on ebay. I bought it 5 years later on ebay from a broker near Liverpool. In the intervening years someone had done a lot of work on it and it presented and ran well. The registration documentation said it had its original 1500 cc engine but in fact it was fitted with a gold exchange 1622 engine. I drove it from Liverpool to Paris without problem. The problems came a few months later: the motor exploded without warning and a loud bang while dawdling down a French country lane, ruining a summer evening out.
It is now fitted with an MGB1800 5 br engine and 5 speed gear box (thanks to Chris Betson at Octarine Services). It cruises beautifully and lives peacefully in semi retirement in Normandy .. .venturing out for the occasional rally ( this was the Rallye de Fougères in Normandy, May 2011) Ron Mc Innes


KA BJ 13 28607
I purchased my ZB Magnette in Falkirk, Scotland in 1998. It had been stored in a garage for many years and was rusting away. I completely stripped the car and bebuilt it over a period of 5 years. It has had 7 owners, one of whom sold the original Reg. No. RAM 855 If anyone has any knowledge of the history of this car I would be most interested.
Richard Sherman


This Magnette was spotted in Cuba 2014. Look at the exhaust pipe!


The wedding photo is form April 9th 2011 where Marlene and Martin got married. Marlene's father is a member of the MG Car Club Danish Centre and asked me if I would let them use my ZB Magnette 1958 as wedding car. It is the first time the car has been used for this kind of occasion but I think it looks rather nice.
Rikke Nissen, Denmark


KA E 24 1774
The photo was taken 5 years ago, before I bought it, so it has about five years' more weat and tear on it now. As you can see, it is still looks very original (apart from the MGB engine, Nissan five speed gearbox and Wolseley diff centre, but you can't see them). The paintwork is getting close to needing some care and attention accross the back below the back window. Harry Rickards,Toowoomba,Australia


KA J 43 6537
"Ziggy" belongs to Rich Mooers in the USA on Long Island/New York City. This picture was taken at the Limerock Vintage Festival 2001. The car was adopted from Mike Sarvas, who has the largst collection of MG models in the world.


KA A 41 14816
Found on a junkyard in Saskaton/Saskatchewan  Canada by Jim Matthews


Sweden KA TT 33 22037
A picture as it  was when I bought it ca 1996. It still looks the same with some additional dust ...
Harald Sonesson



KA TA 23 28661
Loz Scott has commenced restoration using the best of two ZB bodies. Body has obvious rust, while rear had copious amounts of body filler that hid worse corrosion.



This picture shows the webmaster's car, but when the photo was taken it was owned by the late Bob Bonthrone, (a good friend from the Crown and Greyhound natter in Dulwich Village, South London) who is now driving a Magnette with the angels. As Bob’s eyesight was already getting a bit problematic by then, the driver on the day was Dave Harris, then Magnette Register Secretary and also a natter regular. The date is 7th April 1979 and the place is the Perry Hall Hotel, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. Malcolm & Liz Eades


KA J 14 1783
For sale on ebay 02/2005

From chassis 1783 Larger rear lights


KA J 33 6538
This wonderful left hand drive ZA Magnette was produced in 1955 and originally sold to North America. Since 1999, she was completely restored by Peter Herbst of Cologne, Germany, in a four years period. The grey leather interior matches to the dark blue outside colour in harmony. This beauty is quick and comfortable. I aquired her in February 2008 and our first journey was to the Magnette Meeting in Kassel. I will keep her forever. Wolf Juchem, Germany.


Australia KA E 23 14846
My 1956 ZA is totally original with original motor, aircleaner and washer bottle. It was bought new in Sydney, Australia as a company car and I have the original invoice and all the books.  The car is used regularly on club outings.
Graham Hamilton,New South Wales,Australia


KA PA 33 22081
Danish car. May 23rd 1957. First owner took it to Turkey, Spain, Berlin, Yugoslavia, Paris , Nordkap. Several owners.  Now belongs to Paul Dalkov, who as had it for 3 years as daily transportation.


KA LD 23 28668
Bought from a fellow member of the MG Owners Club WA. He had owned it for 10 years and traveled 15000 miles. It was restored in 1992 with all body, interior and mechanical work done. A 1622 MGA motor was put in then.
Andrew Leonhardt, Western Australia


Here is a photo of a lovely young couple Matt and Kate Lake along with my car on their very special day .I told Matt and Kate I would forward the photos to you and their images would be beamed around the world ha ha .The car attracts a lot of attention and being the color it is I am always being asked to do weddings but do few as most require long distances and are very time consuming .
Darryl Purvis, Queensland, Australia


KA J 24 1898
On ebay in Switzerland in August 2006. No engine and gearbox and very rusty....


KA A 23 6628
Car was purchased from Des Newham of Sydney Australia in May 2004. The car seems to be original. I am unsure of the original date of registration, but the rego label on the car shows that it was last registered in September 1979 and has been garaged since September 1980, when that registration expired. The car is in beautiful condition for its age and the only work needed is new rubber seals all round the body, refurbishment of the woodwork and new electrical wiring to replace the existing old and frayed wires. Finally, I have realised a childhood dream of  owning an MG!
Fred and Jan Schaap


Australia KA E 23 14848
Original car with the addition of a brake booster - Island Green (colour)- Recent restoration of structural components including floor, numerous mechanical components plus a renovated interior - Full registeration in Queensland Australia and enjoys engaging in family related activity, primarily when it does not rain :o)
Alan & Jennie Barnard, Australia


KA AA 13 22087
I went to collect this car 'for spares' with my late father-in-law, Peter Tothill in late 2005, He had worked as a production engineer on the ZB and was always a fan. He sadly passed away in January this year. I purchased the car and have continued the restoration. It has an HRG Derrington cross flow head with SUH4's from an MGA. A derrington pattern exhaust and manifold. Brakes are servo'd and it has a 5 speed ford gear box and high ratio back axle. Seat are leather and from a Rover 45. It also has stalk controls (again from a 45 ) for the lights and wiper controls. it has 3 fuse boxes (6 in each), A fuel pump intertia switch is attached to the bulkhead. A britax folding sunroof .I have also fitted a pair of body mounted Cibie driving lights instead of the fod lights. I hope to finish it for MG Live 2013....... we shall see.
Dominic Taylor-Lane


KA __ __28787
For auction at: Important Collectors' Motor Cars, Collectors' Motorcycles and Fine Automobilia, 3 Dec 2007 Olympia, London
The vendor advises us that this left-hand drive ZB Magnette has enjoyed single family ownership from new, being re-registered in the names of various family members at different times. Described as unrestored, the car is offered with Belgian registration papers.Sold for £3,200 plus Premium and tax


I am delighted to share some pictures of the marriage of our youngest daughter. The  event took place on January 7, 2012, at the premises of a renowned Hotel & Resort in the city of La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico. As a true MG enthusiast, especially Magnette, I was very happy when my daughter asked me to use my  '59 ZB Magnette as a wedding car.  A dream come true!
Luis Benito Ruiz Bogarin, Mexico


KA A 13 2048
'54 ZA as found on a property on the outskirts of Sydney by Marty Cutler, who owns #18014. Going to be a parts car.


KA J 43 6836
One of six Magnettes on a scrapyard in Arizona that were to be crushed at the end of July 2004


From chassis # 14933: Illumination in clock introduced


Was delivered to the USA. During the 90's shipped to the Netherlands and stripped for restoration. The owner died and the car was bought in boxes from Udo Scheidemantel in Germany, who restored her. Belongs to Jutta & Jürgen Reinthal since July 2006 who enjoy to drive this lovely saloon in the countryside nearby.


KA T 43 28690

Laid in a chicken coup for 40 years, 1800 3 main bearing, 3:9:1 differential
Phil Rossi



Committee member Clive Webb and his wife Helen of course had a Magnette for their wedding.


KA A 13 2059
First registered on 28.04.1954. Total mileage in 2004  is 219.497. A ZB engine and MGA diff are fitted now for better cruising.
Michael Bacon, Ramsgate.


KA C 23 6956
Purchased on ebay by John Cuneen.
Now sold to be used to repair a ZA racer which hit the wall at Eastern Creek Raceway. It is now owned by Bruce Smith.


Sweden KA C 433 14938
Swedish car for sale in 6/2011, now in the hands of Harald Sonesson, Sweden. It is his 5th Z Magnette but the only one that is running!


KA A 23 22262
Car was originally black and exported when new in 1957 and registered as PF596. Returned to UK in 1960 and registered as XYX163. Used for historic rallying in the 1970's. Very heavily modified, MGB 1800 engine and gearbox with O/D. MGB front disc brakes, Avenger (we think) independent rear susspension, wide wheels, MGB master cylinders, Jag seats, race harnesses etc Just been put back on the road (2010) and will be used for historic rallying. Now painted in MG works colours of red with white roof. Subject of Popular Classics article in November 1992 "Preservation Order"
Simon Skidmore


KA LD 13 28878
Under restoration by Roland van den Eijnden, The Netherlands


Now I am happy to share with you some pictures of the civil wedding of my oldest daughter. Close family and friends accompany them in a simple ceremony and celebration, on Saturday August 18, 2012, known Restaurant in our city of La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico. I am a MG car enthusiast, and especially the Z Magnette's, so I was very happy when Judith my daughter and Jorge her husband now, use accepted my Magnette ZB '59 during their wedding.
Luis Benito Ruiz Bogarín, from La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico


Fuel filler cap lock modified from push button to key type


KA C 23 6960
Bruce Bramhill from Victoria, Australia bought this Magnette in need of full restoration. The result after 5,5 yrs restoration:


uk  KA A 23 15036
Re-imported from South Africa in 1992. Now undergoing  rolling restoration here Lincolnshire at the farm workshop.
Phil Dean


KA A 13 22269



KA B 23 28469
Standard except for seat belts ,flashing ind. Restored early '80s present owner 15 years. Ken Dutch, Austalia


This happy couple are members of the Tyne-Tees Centre of MG Car Club, Grant Potter and Donna White on their wedding.


Sri Lanka KA A 23 2142
See on ebay January 2010


KA J 43 6990

Ken Beisser purchased her in 2010


KA C 43 15026



KA B 13 22287
Found somewhere on the web. If you recognize your car, please contact the webmaster.


KA BJ 13 28909
Built in March 1958 and now under restioration by Daniel Pope

Here is a picture of my Magnette being used as a car at my great nieces wedding this summer

Leonard Rolls


KA J 24 2211
Fenton Loyola from British Columbia wrote:
Original colour was Dark Grey with Burgundy/grey interior. Now painted Old English White with tan interior. Bought in the factory (Abbingdon Dec 1954) toured Europe and then shipped to Sri Lanka.First registered in Sri anka 1955.  I bought it from the Original owner 15 years ago and shipped it to Canada. Has a metal/wood panelled dashboard with Jaeger instrumentation.


KA A 23 7081
on ebay 02/2008:
I am offering my ZA Magnette for sale. I bought the car locally in 1984 and have used it on/off as a regular driver since then.

Please Note: The car is fitted with a 2 L Mitsubishi motor (Sirius motor as fitted to Cordia, Starion) This is coupled to a 5 speed box.I know this is sacrilege to MG fans but it was a very successful conversion making it a great car to drive.
Read more about this car....


Australia KA BJ 23 15057
Originally light grey over dark grey, repainted sage grey/green over dark green by 3rd owner in Tasmania circa 1970. Since then, has moved to New South Wales, Western Australia, & now South Australia where it takes part regularly in MGCCSA events. A very original car body and interior (other than colour change), and has probably only been around the clock once. Known as "Vera", to match "Varitone"! Its local South Australian registration no' is MGZB-58.


KA J 43 22300
Bought off E-Bay. Came from West Virginia. Runs, and drives, but rusty.
Rob Meier, Ohio, USA


KA A !3 28992
Police car black/maroon prop. scrapped
picture taken from M.G.'s on patrol by Andrea Green, photo: Laurence McNally


This photo was taken by Gary Comerford during the wedding of my son Andrew to Jay Anderson at Ballina and Lennox head, NSW, Australia recently. As you can see, Gary is an excellent photographer and took the official photos at the wedding. I was proud that Andrew and Jay requested my 1958 Birch Grey ZB Magnette be used as the wedding car. Gray can be contacted vie isvolpro@bigpond.net.au
David Miles (Brisbane, Australia)


KA J 24 2214
See on ebay in 12/2006


KA C 23 7115
ZA Magnette which is undergoing a slow restoration. The picture shows the car when it arrived back in 2009.
Les Hall, Victoria


uk KA B 13 15150
I have just been offered this car which is in a state of disrepair. It has been stripped of many parts many years ago, I have confirmed that this was before 1970 but cannot tell when, however the DVLA have a record of someone registering an MG Magnette with same registration (727APD) in 1982 and using till 1997, my chassis plate has been removed!! So read the number off the body stamping i think I've done it accurately but has been rusting for very long time. I need any information I can get to get this car back on the road, we all know how the DVLA are in cases like this! I suspect the other one is a ringer unfortunately!


KA L 43 22319
As you can see from the picture this Magnette is pushed so far into the garage it has occupied for the last 28 years. It is my first car, purchased in 1964 as a 1958 model. I could not bear to part with it and now view it as a retirement project. 
Charles Young, Richmond,Virginia,USA



KATE 43/22809 On Oct. 12 2012, my daughter Laura and groom Hugh Wagner were married at Rayne United Methodist Church, New Orleans, LA USA. My 1957 ZBV was an essential requirement for Laura, to carry her to Race & Religious reception area, not far from the church. Bride, groom and ZB were welcomed!

Cliff Hughes


KA A 13 2411
For sale in spring 2009 in Belfast, now in the USA.


KA C 23 7116
After owning a 1969 MGB for ten years, it was time for a change. I purchased the 1955 MGZA from P. Ramsden (Perth WA) on 29/3/06.After having it transporting it back to Bendigo,it was of to the workshop, replacing the brake hoses and a few other worn pins and bushes etc and fitting a reconditioned tailshaft and yokes, the car is now ready to be a daily driver. Being fitted with the MGA engine and Diff it cruises nicely down the road at 110Kph (70mph). The car
has been re-named "Lizzie" by my wife in honour of my late sister who was born in the same year. Both my wife and I have been members of MGCC's in Sydney and Brisbane and will be joining the Victorian MGCC and look forward to many years of touring and meeting others with like intrests in MG's.


KA J 13 15230
John Hallidays ZA.


KA BJ 23 22348



KA L 13 29163


KA _ 13 2424



KA E 13 7214



From chassis # 15296 Front 1/4 light glass hinge points changed


KA BJ 33 22356
First registered 23.08.1957. 
1957 Dealer demonstration car in Basel (CH)
1958-1998 first owner
1995-1998 Restored 
since 1999 in the hands of Jean Marie Kohler


KA C 43 29266
Original, but in poor condition. Near ready for paint. Mechanics are still a question mark.
Jeff Schlemmer, USA


Joern Rasmussen daughter took her father's car for her wedding.


KA E 24 2431
This car has been passed down through my family since was first registered in Australia. As far as I know the only non-standard modifications include the wire-spoke wheels, the addition of an electric antenna, tape deck and speakers on rear parcel shelf. The car is awaiting retoration. I also have a Cardomain website to update people of the restoration process........when it get going!!! 
Update 2/2009: You may have heard about the bushfires we have had here in Victoria.  Unfortunantly we had to leave my propert and wasn't able to take the MG with me. The MG was completely destroyed by fire. 
Adrian Zomer, Australia


KA E 13 7227
Seen on ebay July 2009