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KA A 13 33695
Norththumberland Police car black/maroon prop. scrapped
picture taken from M.G.'s on patrol by Andrea Green, photo: Laurence McNally


KA J 13 13072
First registered on 16.03.56. This rhd ZA is in Germany now since a couple of years.


KA BJ 43 26941
Seen on ebay in  02/2006. Then in the hands of Stephen Taylor. Sold in 2009 to Gene deRuelle, Reno, Nevada.


KA B 41 33755
This Magnette was first sold in 1959. It's a California car, imported to Germany in 2000. The task of restauration has been taken by Simon Beyertt of Germany.


KA J 13 13084
John Blouet-Smits Magnette was first registered 09.01.1956


KA L 23 27021
Seen on ebay in 10/2005


KA B 11 33761
Gobby's other ZB - owned by one family from new - it is very original and complete and is totally standard - and will be restored when I get around to it.  
Gobby, Cornwall


KA B 13 13180
Ebay 07/2008: This car was rebuilt in Scotland, many years ago around 1985, driven for less than 1 year and then dry stored in a garage for the next 20 years. It came out of storage around 6 years ago and was put back on the road.


KA J 23 27070
My MG was purchased from Lanes dealership in Melbourne (Date unknown).I understand it was kept by the same owner and was last regitered in 1978. It was garaged for twenty years after the death of the original owner in Warrnambool Victoria.The relatives offered it to the person I purchased the car from because of his love for restoring MG's. The previous owner to me didn't get around to working on the car and it is not running nor has much been worked on since 1978.I have started to look over the car and plan to get the car back on the road over the next couple of years.The car is standard and nearly complete minus the heater unit, washer bottle and under dash parcel shelf.From looking at the fantastic restorations by other register users I can't wait to get her back on the road and take her for a spin around the beautiful Yarra Valley where I live.   .Ian Shipton,Victoria, Australia


  KA B 11 33768
Built on 1st Sepemeber 1958, owned by Clive Webb


KA B 13 13188
John Hale's "ZaZa". Believed to be sold to Japan.


KA TE 23 27093
Purchased in 1981 while looking for a parts car. Its {it was a very rusty parts car} fate was different although the restoration took me 10years. Originally supplied by P&R Williams of Sydney as a two tone green car, it has been repainted in {non original} English mist over Executive grey. The picture was taken at Barwon Heads [ Victoria Australia]. Troop of Royal Marines forms part of a pedestrian crossing {last is a native recruit?} to a park in the holiday resort of Barwon Heads. KATE turned them into a guard of honour.
Loz Scott, Geelong, Australia



KA J 41 33770
Attached is a photo of "Maggie". Loyal and trusted companion of Arthur and Allye Kranish of Chevy Chase, Maryland. 
Laid to rest after a long bout with cancer at the Frendship Auto Graveyard in New Jersey. Rest in Peace.
Best Regards,Pete Wilson




Now owned by Jiim Basque. "I bought this car in September, 2017 from Ocala, Florida. Brought to the USA by long time English owners when they retired here. Not driven much since, intact original but rusty. Nice trailer hitch added, just out of view of the picture. Probably will use for spares to keep my ZBV on the road."


KA LA 23 27109
Maggie has been in my family since my Grandfather purchased and imported her to Australia in March 1959 through Howards in Cairns. She remained with him until his death in 1974 when my mother obtained ownership of the car. She drove Maggie until the late 1990's when my husband and I took over ownership. Our daughters drove the car, making it 4 generations of us who drove her to work. Maggie has been used for many weddings including ours and our daughters (1978 and 2002). Maggie is still in original condition and has never been unregistered having been in constant use for almost 50 yrs. Maggie is a much loved part of the family.
Des & Beth Lucas, Queensland



KA LA 13 33813
RHD Varitone in black/blue driving since several years in East Germany. Has wire wheels and an MGA boot rack! One of the previous owners made suicide in this car when inhalating the exhaust fumes.




Now owned by Nobuhiro Sawanhoi in Japan (2017)


From chassis # 27110:Handbrake cable fork becomes threaded block


KA LL 43 33819
I bought the car almost 2 years ago from a NAMGAR member in New Mexico. A new wiring harness was installed and most mechanical systems have been rebuilt to make the car a safe and reliable driver. It has a 5-main MGB engine, early B-transmission, and a 3.9:1 rear end ratio. I absolutely love this car.  Paul Casarona,USA


KA BJ 23 27116
This is a pic of the car when I collected it a couple of years ago from the previous owner. At that time it had not been used for about 30 years but was still in reasonably sound condition although just about everything will need refurbishing. Read more...
Malcolm Robertson, Weston, Australia


KA AA 43 33869
"Zoe" is owned by Charles Reece from Arizona. The previous owner brought the rusted body back to life. After short stints with two other less appreciate owners, she is finally in a home where she will receive all the proper car necessary for LBC. The new owner also has a 58 MGA Roadster, who is proud to have Zoe as his new little sister.


KA BJ 13 27128


KA A 41 33878
This is my 2nd Magnette and was purchased as an uncompleted raggey project car from the estate of of Dick Macadoo approx. 7 years ago. It has been a steady effort --- I want a good looking driver, NOT a "show pretty"! I use the car regularly
Arch Boston, USA


South Africa KA H 5 27156
Was for sale in June 2010


KA A 13 33948
Jersey Police car black/maroon prop. scrapped
picture taken from M.G.'s on patrol by Andrea Green, photo: Laurence McNally


KA B 43 27175
A nice and shiny ZB which I spotted on the Z Day in Luxembourg. Unfortunalelety I lost the owners information...


KA A 13 33949
Jersey Police car black/maroon prop. scrapped
picture taken from M.G.'s on patrol by Andrea Green, photo: Laurence McNally


KA A 43 27205
This car was for sale on ebay in Holtsville, NY, United States. The buyer wrote:
It  has the original paint and interior and looks to be an original car. It is rotten beyond repair. It seems as if someone really loved this car and I wonder what happend to it and why it so far gone. I was glad to save it to make sure that the parts get to those who need it to keep their's going. I've never seen a Magnette before and really am impressed at how regal they look in side. Rear arm rest between the seats and a clock above the mirror. Neat traficators and the knobs and switches for the heater are really cool. Now that I have seen this one I'd be interested in finding one without so much rust to add to my collection.


KA J 41 33951
Purchased in August 2002 from current owner Peter J. Wilson in South Jersey,USA. Excellent older restoration that has been in barn storage since 1989.  Dark grey color with maroon leather interior.
Now belongs to Joseph Iannacone


KA J 13 27219
SD1 Rover V8 engine. Valiant AP6 radiator. MGB solid discs on front. Narrowed Capri V6 drum braked diff at rear. 3.22:1 ratio. Torque arms fitted off top of diff each side. Fitted with wire wheel adaptor hubs (Austin Healey) and special adaptor plates. Triumph Dolomite overdrive gearbox fitted to V8 with homemade adaptor and specially engineered flywheel adaptor. MGB wire wheels front and rear (5 1/2" fronts, 6" or 8" at rear. 1960's Alfa Romeo front bucket seats. Lowered 2" all around. Twin circuit brakes under dash from 1980s Ford Econovan incorporating brake pedal. Slightly modified dash to incorporate round speedo and tacho. Other small detail changes.  More pictures & details....
Vincent Stok, Victoria, Australia


KA C 41 33973
Here is the beginning photo of my restoration project. I was sold on it because it is pretty much rust free, although there are plenty of other issues to deal with. Wiring harness first, then rear-end bearings/ seals, wheel cylinders replace or rebuild all around, new hoses and brakes, and maybe if I am very lucky new dark red paint next year. Yes I will be having fun for a while. :-) Kim Roscher, Morgantown WV, USA, now in the hands of Edward Hindman, WV, USA


KA C 13 27223
Here is a photo of Don Lord's ZB. The year is 1958. It lives here in Whitley Bay in the North East of England. It is twilight grey and has several improvements. A 5 speed gearbox and 1800 engine have been fitted. Also it has had a polarity change to enable an alternator to be fitted. As you can see from the picture it is used at ever weather condition.


KA BA 13 34049
This Varitone was exported to Japan in 1997 and bought by Mr. Hideo Ohba from Tokyo, who uses his car every Sunday. In 1950's, new Magnettes were imported from England by a Japanese car dealer. I think about 20-30 cars were imported. These cars were mainly LHD for US soldiers and some of these are now available to buy. After 1980's British Car Shop imported Magnettes mainly from England, I think also about 20-30 cars. Read more...


KA C 43 27236
This car belongs to Brian Warmuth in USA. It is going to a basically a "to-factory-stock" restoration. There was absolutly no rust throughs in the body at all. So I have not had to replace any metal ...it's all factory panels throughout. The car came from california and had been stored for about 20 years when I bought it 4 years ago.Never sen road salt and I plan to keep it that way. I want this car to be even more of a survivor than it already is.


KA __ 33 34075
A basket case! Came home in six boxs+chassis. Restoration will be ongoing for many years.
Eric and Gina Nelson, Fort Bragg, CA, USA


KA C 43 27252
This ZB is going tob e dismantled by Phil White and Charles Reece as the floor pans, rocker panels, lower doors and lower fenders are nothing but rust. They picked her on a weekend (2,400 mile round trip in four days!). More...


KA AA 33 34075
Another Magnette in France belonging to Thomas Reiss, Charbonnières


KA C 43 27257
The car was in a no-name storm in about 1986 in Florida and it was in a very bad condition when I bought it. It is now a Pro-Street car with a 1995 Ford V6 engine, but I ahve retained the stock body lines and chrome as it was in 1958. Read more...


KA T 11 34125



KA TA 13 27270
Seen on Ebay in 5/2009: This is an original 1956 M G Manumatic, that has been in my dad's garage for over 20 years.


KA L 21 34152
This vehice was purchased in the former Republic of Southern Rhodesia by a police officer (ID unknown) based in (the then) Hastings, Rhodesia. It was then bought by a person (name known to me) who took it with him to South Africa at the time of Zimbabwe's independence. I then bought it through an intermediary (in 1989) and imported it into Austalia in 1991 - after driving it for a while and then starting a full restoration.  My understanding is that the car was imported into Rhodesia as a fully built vehicle (as suggested by the car number identification code).  The car was (so far as I know) completely original. I have removed (and had re-built) the original engine and have fitted a 1622cc unit I took from a very sad South African donor car which was then donated to local club members for parts. Although I started restoring the car in South Africa, I (and I have lots of excuses) did not complete the project until, with the hard work of one person in particular and advice, parts and support of a number of others, the car was on the road this month and passed the requirements of the local registration authorities (after a full over-the-pits inspection) this week - on the first try.
It is now fully registered for everyday use! John Monico, Canberra, Australia


KA B 13 27298

Restored in 1991, when the colours were reversed. Now owned by Barry Milsom.


KA C 41 34177
Richard McKie owned this car some time ago but sold it to finish his MGA Twin Cam restoration. He says: "I should have sold the TC "and tries to relocate his old Magnette.


KA BJ 13 27306

No history when the car was in England. Car was taken to Holland by John Vermeulen in the seventies and I bought the car ca. 1995 for spares. It is in a very bad state but complete. Now I am going to scrap it and use it for rebuilding my ZB from 1958 with chassinr. KAT 13/28067


KA TT 43 34208
Seen on ebay in September 2007 in Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts


Norway KA AA 33 27320
Export Black / Maroon, built 12 - 16 December 1957, Varitone type body, Monotone paint, Whitewall tyres, despatched 16 December 1957. Rescued from a scrapyard by Halvor Arne Asland, Norway


KA BJ 13 34254
Owned by a bachelor


KA T 23 27349




KA A 11 34330
Picture found somewhere on the web. The car is now at Gaydon museum.



KA B 32 27372
I believe it was purchased by my Grandfather Walter George Noonan, a publican from Benalla in Victoria around 1956. It has remained in my family ever since.
Tom Noonan, Victoria, Australia


KA TU 13 34407
One Careful Owner from New. Joan Evans is one of our special members who is over eighty years old and therefore now qualifies for a free subscription to Enjoying MG. Joan has owned her MG Magnette ZB Varitone since it was bought new in 1958 by her father for her personal use and she has driven the car on an almost a daily basis ever since. The MG sports saloon is still in superb running order and always fires up at the first press of the starter button. The only modifications that have been made to the Magnette are the fitting of an electric windscreen washer and separate rear flashers, as the original rear indicator system was inadequate and hazardous. The Magnette is only on its fourth heavy duty battery from new and has covered 96,960 miles in total. The Magnette is very special to Joan and her husband Roy who says that the wherever they go the MG is much admired by young and old alike. 
From Enjoying MG, the magazine ofthe MGOC, Okt.2004


KA A 43 27406
This Magnette war originally delievered to America, where it spent his life until 2000. Then it was imported to Germany where it is undergoing restoration with Christian Schräder


KA LD 13 34426
I bought this car in mid 2005 at which time it had just had an MGB 1800 engine/rear axle/brake servo fitted. In 2006 I had a 5 speed Sierra gearbox fitted and in early 2007 had both rear wings and section beneath the boot completely replaced and resprayed including work to the rear spring hangers and inner offside wing.
Next on the list, when I get some money, is a disc brake conversion on the front and new springs all round. We use the car regularly and normally take it to France, with other MG's, on holiday each year.
Reg Boulton


KA A 43 27419
"Maggie"  was built at Abingdon on Decemebr 16 &17, 1957 - and was dispatched to the USA on December 21st, 1957. She was in California her whole life until March of 2000 - when Tom Webb bought her had her shipped to Chicago, IL.


KA LL 43 34437
Seen on ebay in 4/2006


KA A 23 27425
I have just purchased this car from I believe it's 4th ( elderly) owner, who restored it 25-odd years ago. The car was originally black, now light/dark green ala Varitone, although it has small rear screen. Purchased new from Doug Watt ( authorised Nuffield agent) on 23/6/58 by Mr J.A. Bruniges of Belmont NSW. It last changed hands on 9th June 1977.
Ian Messner, Turramurra, Australia



KA BA 13 34482
Bought by Nigel and Bev Bartram Oct 2008 - bodywork in good order, restored electrics and dash but engine needs work.



KA LA 13 27469



KA BA 13 34483
MGA wire wheels, Weber carb., restored in 2004 to very high standard.
Geoffrey Elliott, Noththumberland


Sweden KA BB 33 27497
Göran Johnson saw this car at the Scandinavian MG Meeting. One of the staff member used his very original Magnette ZB single tone Birch Grey. The owner Christer Svensson told that he was the third owner and it only some 85.000 km on it´s meter.



KA A 13 34535
First registered 6th October 1958. Now fitted with a 1622 engine and belonging to Derek Pickering, Secretary, The Durham MG Club



KA PC 13 27502

First reg. 07/02/1958


KA B 41 34572

The car was painted over 12 years ago and less than one year the the paint fell off. It sat for over 10 years, so last year my wife said, " Strip the car and paint it again and get it back on the road." So last year I stripped it, primed it and had it painted again. I have been putting it back together this past summer and the engine is in the machine shop getting a redo. I have installed a Datsun 5 speed and painted it light green and dark green. James Jans

Installed a Nissan 5 speed, painted the bottom with a bed liner, new wire harness, new seat covers, carpet, headliner, two tone paint job- light green top, dark green bottom. Machined the '55 MG (ZA) on the intake manifold onto the "58 (ZB)intake then polished it.Hope to have it on the road late fall '04. Jim & Sharon Jans, Hood River, OR, USA


KA L 43 27577
Was for sale on ebay in Oct. 2002. Location Syracuse,US, Rochester. Meanwhile purchased by George Phelps (#14464) who brought her to Virginia, where she is giving her life so that other's might live.



KA J 11 34591
A very nice Dutch ZB owned by Jos Meyers.



KA LD 13 27588



KA LL 43 34652
We found this wonderful little car upstate and brought it back to Mt. Pleasant, SC on the coast. The car sat for nine years before we rescued it. We had it running before we got it off the trailer. It has a new floor and is undergoing restoration but still has a long way to go. The rust damage was extensive.  All the original electrics work, even the clock. Wray and Susanne Lemke,Mt. Pleasant, SC



Owned by Lawrie Deakin in Victoria


KA A 41 34739
On December 2002, I bought a second car in San Diego California, this car was working on the roads of California, I brought her to La Paz for to take the parts for the 1956 (#12441), because this it's only have the legal imported to México. Now I want repair the two cars, and get the imported the 1959. It's a big project for my life.
Luis Benito, La Paz, Baja California Sur state, México


Germany KA L 11 34782
This RHD ZB was imported to the Netherlands where it was used for rallying. Now in the hands of Dietrich Krahn in Germany.


  KA B 41 34784
1959 ZB Magnette acquired August, 2004. 74,000 miles, body is pristine perfect as the car apparently lived most of her life in Colorado
Steve Giannoni, Northport, NY,USA



KA TT 43 34839
Built in Oct. of '58 now belonging to John Park from Canada."The car was owned by s.o. in the US Air Force in the state of Washington. It was then sold to an air man in the RCAF in British Columbia. From there it made its way east to Nova Scotia where it was sold to a fellow in the Canadian Army. When he retired he brought it west to Ontario. He ran a restaurant and needed money for startup and I became the owner. I've finally finished all the mechanical restoration (in between putting 15000 miles over 13 years-did a bit at a time-although I had to redo the engine twice).I've put a 3.9 rear end in.  The car was originally all Island Green  and someone painted it its present colors of fine metallic maroon and metallic silver.



KA BJ 13 34865
Bev Croft's Concours winner.


KA BA 13 34892
Originally brown and cream varitone, now green varitone.
Peter Chowney


KA E 11 34970
Island Green ZB Green Leather interior. 45K miles (genuine) Bought new by my late grandfather (allegedly one of the last made ..?)and inherited by me. Fully operational- MOT every year. Rebuilt engine. Bodywork entirely rust free(inner & outer sills replaced/waxoyled).Front wings had some dinks removed and resprayed otherwise as original.Still had  yellow factory inspection mark (presumably)inside bonnet until recently. Very good chrome. Always attracts attention. Not used enough! Tim Grover


KA T 41 34972
For sale in 1/2014


  KA L 41 35035


KA PB 13 35069
Seen on ebay in 11/2005. Seems to be a very original car with only two previous owners.


KA FC 13 35140
This car belonged to Ray Cain after whom the Trophy for the best car at the continental Z-Day was named after his sudden death. After a dismantling and restoratian this car now belongs to a Porsche-enthusiast in southern Germany.


KA J 11 35237
A blue ZB that was for sale in August 2002


KA BJ 13 35298

Last used in the Notts area for many years before being passed to a gentleman in Northamptonshire and stored for a few years. I purchased the car in 2015 for a "project" with one floor/sill removed, but otherwise complete.
I am currently rebuilding PFY 433  hoping to return it  to a roadworthy condition.



  KA TU 13 35260
Colin Jones' Magnette



KA FC 13 35345
The car was registered to Air Vice Marshall Arthur Percy Ledger, who kept it until his death in 1969. I bought it in May 1969 from a family member who inherited the car but didn’t use it.  It was our only family transport for 5 years then failed its MoT in 1974 at which time we decided to buy another car and eventually restore the Magnette. Three houses and many cars later we took it to John Shorten in Norwich in April 2006 and brought it home almost exactly one year later. It has the original engine and the work done was very comprehensive, including the fitting of 2 ‘new’ right hand doors and front wing I had owned since 1970, still in factory primer with the tags attached. It was taken down to bare metal and re-sprayed in the original cellulose colours. I have new carpets and headlining, as well as new inner door panels still to fit – that will be part of this year’s work but my wife Sheila and I are looking forward to going to Silverstone and other events throughout the year even in its slightly unfinished state. I advise people that it has been a financial disaster, but only in simple money terms. In respect of an investment in my retirement, which starts in 5 weeks’ time, it will be worth every penny. I attach a photograph for you to see when we got it home last year, then at Sledmere in Yorkshire: Barrie Hope.




KA A 41 35361
I am the 5th owner of this car. This car was sold new in Seattle Washington by Rowland Motors. The Original Owner was Mr. D. Dyar of Seattle. I purchased this car on 23 Jan 2004 for $6500 U.S. from Mark Jones, Mark is partners with a Mr. Tom Mohle, who purchased the car from the original owner. All original tools, manuals and literature were supplied to me. I have all documentation going back to 1960, and can trace all owners including having met the Gentleman who sold the car new at Rowland Motors in Seattle in January of 1959. I had the car repainted at the restoration shop owned by the same gentleman who sold me the car – His partner, who does the mechanical side of the restorations, was the second owner and provided mechanical care for the car for the original owner, and her husband after she passed away. At one point during the painting process, four of the five owners of this car were together in the same room drinking wine and discussing her current state! She is now as she was then; 68 hp 1489cc, 4 speed (3 synchro) trans, trusty reliable drum brakes all ‘round and an absolute blast to motor in!
KAA4135361 is as original as our combined minds can achieve. Many thanks go to Lou Shorten and to Paul Barrow for bits, advice, encouragement and help. Along the journey, Gobby, the folks at NTG, Cecilia at Scarborough Faire, the folks who contribute to the bulletin boards and my dear friends at Autosport Seattle have all stepped in to play their part and contribute to the refurbishment – my gratitude to all! Steve Hanegan, Washington




KA C 41 35458
This car was rescued from a barn (chicken coop) that was soon to be torn down in northeastern Georgia (USA). My previously registered KAL41/31929 may become a donor car for this one, since it appears it may be too far gone.
John Kreimer, Georgia, USA



KA L D 13 35474

A University Motors Car. Shown when competing in the 1990 Monte Carlo Rally. Currently under restoration


KA LD 13 35478
Illes Anthony's Varitone built in September 1958 now with 5-speed-gearbox


  KA LD 13 35479
For sale in June 2004


KA LA 13 35486
After years of admiring Magnettes I finally found the right one. A deal was struck and she was shipped from England to Oklahoma where she shares a garage with a ‘63 MGB. The Magnette is in excellent shape for its age and runs great. There is a restoration plan in the future, but for now my wife and I just enjoy traveling in style.
Lann Mauck, Oklahoma, USA


KA BJ 13 35522




KA BB 43 35535
Dispatch date: 10/21/58. Now painted OEW over Light Grey
Mike Jacobsen, USA




KA BB 43 35539
Yesterday  a nephew (Alex), my brother in law and I travelled to Chaparal, New Mexico (from Arizona - 500 mile round trip) and purchased one rough '59 (late 58) ZB and the last remaining parts from 2 other '57 and '58 ZB's. I haven't decided yet, but I may attempt to restore the complete car and I will make available parts that I don't need to other enthusiasts at affordable prices to keep everyone rolling. Paid $1,800 US for the whole mess from one Louis Wolf.  Phil White, Arizona




Australia KA T 21 35594
Davis Halidays'  ZB in Australia



  KA J 41 35644
Ebay 02/2008: Some history and clarification after talking with my sister-in-law. She bought it when she lived in Southern California from her boss in 1967. The engine is original and has been rebuilt when she had it (she remembered it was a 'valve job' but couldn't remember what else was done). Was reupholstered, restored and repainted close to 17 years ago and has been sitting in their garage til I bought it because the idiot painter "lost" alot of the chrome he took off. All receipts come with it including all the stuff she bought on her two trips to England to replace what had gone missing and receipts for stuff ordered from England. All the stuff was there and never put together. That's what I thought I would do but didn't get it finished. Now my house is on the market as of two weeks ago so that's why I decided to let it go…


KA CC 33 35770
Single-coloured Varitone owend by Ingela and Ulf Edström from Gotenburg.


KA A 11 35796
A former black Magnette freshly restored in winter 2010. Herre visiting the youngest known Magnette and second last that left the factory.


KA TA 13 35891
Island/Cedar Green Varitone owned and extensively restored by Lawrence & Val Miller from Plymouth.


KA UU 13 35895
Seen on ebay in 5/2009



KA LL 43 35906
A picture of Phil White's 59 ZBV from Arizona that he acquired in California. The PO had an accident and had been unable to care for her (like many, I call her Maggie). I do all my own work (half the fun of being an owner) and there has been a lot of it. She's back on the road now and running nicely. Originally blue, then racing green -- her PO painted her the varitone grey. I also have a '62 MGA MKll that she shares time with. Magnettes are wonderful personable autos!